More States Count on Harmony to Manage Adult Protective Services Investigations than Any Other System

Tailor-made Solution Built Expressly for APS Organizations

Each year, Adult Protective Services (APS) programs across the country receive more than 500,000 reports of abuse, neglect, or exploitation involving older or otherwise vulnerable adults. It is estimated that as many as 84 percent of all such cases are never reported, and as many as five million individuals are subjected to such treatment each year. Outdated technology and “siloed” systems, insufficient budgets and management tools, lack of integration across the continuum of programs in which an elderly person may be enrolled, and an inability to easily access relevant documents and information all compromise the ability of APS workers to prevent further abuse.

To effectively manage APS investigations, human services organizations need the ability to track individuals using accurate and immediate statistics on each incident of adult abuse, neglect, or exploitation. Harmony for APS™ is a flexible, web-based case management system that has been purpose-built for APS agencies to optimize investigative performance using industry-proven best practices.

Proven Solution Deployed Statewide Across the Country

Harmony for APS meets a full range of needs—including workflows that help workers clearly follow the steps throughout the APS process, management tools that help ensure proper supervision of APS staff, and automated business processes that provide clear alignment between actions, policies, and procedures.

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