Smart Applications Continually Updated to Meet Legislative Requirements and Industry Best Practices

Purpose-built to Your Exact Needs and Simple to Modify as Things Change

Nationwide, most human services budgets have stagnated or decreased, exacerbating the challenge of handling rapidly growing case loads and increasing service costs.  As a result, approaches to long-term care are changing to use alternative models – rebalancing institutional care with more home- and community-based services and as much self-directed care as possible.  With these models, human services organizations will be able to meet the needs of a growing population using existing resources, allowing consumers to maximize their quality of life within their community. To meet demand, organizations need to do everything possible to secure available funding for these alternative models.

Harmony Delivers the Most Comprehensive Solutions for Long-Term Services and Supports

For more than 10 years, Harmony has led the industry with a suite of smart, long-term care solutions that enable organizations to serve more consumers with existing resources.  Harmony’s smart solutions are continually updated to reflect current legislative mandates and include embedded industry best practices to ensure that agencies and providers maximize use of available funding sources and optimally balance care quality with costs.

Harmony’s solutions enable organizations to more efficiently manage long-term care programs and improve collaboration among the entire community of care, ensuring that funding sources are optimized. Quick and inexpensive to implement, Harmony’s solutions provide a single point of entry, reducing duplicative tasks while allowing information to be securely shared across programs and helping to minimize the resources needed to deliver long-term care.

From managing programs funded by a broad spectrum of funding sources, including Medicaid, Medicare, Older Americans Act, block grants, private pay and insurance to investigating reports of fraud and abuse, Harmony delivers the industry’s most comprehensive solutions improving the quality and availability of service delivery.

Learn more about how each Harmony solution helps organizations optimize funding sources to deliver high quality long-term services and supports: