Integrate with Providers to Improve Service Delivery and Reduce Problem Claims

Save Time and Money through Seamless Collaboration with Your Providers

Harmony’s application for services providers, Provider Direct, is an off-the-shelf information system that enables state and local agencies to seamlessly collaborate with providers through a single, integrated system and shared database. Provider Direct offers a cost-effective way for providers to directly connect with the state and/or local agency organizations’ Harmony Case Management system.

Provider Direct provides three distinct benefits to agencies and providers:

  • Increased efficiencies. Shared access to work queues, service orders, and consumer records ensures agency staff and providers are working with the same data and not spending time exchanging information using manual processes or interfaces that slows down service delivery and delays payments.
  • Reduction of data entry duplication. Providers enter information directly into Provider Direct on shared consumer records within one single database, providing users who “need to know” information the ability to access it instead of duplicating the information in a separate system.
  • Unprecedented communication between organizations. When agency staff and providers enter information on activities and referrals, service orders, and journals, it is immediately available to everyone who needs the information—facilitating true, real-time communication.

Using Provider Direct is simple—you log in to the system from anywhere via a Web browser and instantly:

  • Review new activities and referrals
  • Add consumer records
  • Retrieve, edit, and print service orders
  • Enter service delivery information quickly for many consumers at once

Agencies and providers are able to reap significant savings by using Provider Direct. In fact, many organizations are able to see a return on their investment in less than six months. Read the Provider Direct Return on Investment White Paper to learn more about the value Provider Direct can deliver to your organization.


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