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Automated Information and Referral Processes

Harmony’s information and referral module is a purpose-built, AIRS-compliant, single-point-of-entry system tying together call centers, resources, and consumers

Harmony Information and Referral provides thorough call tracking, powerful search functions, flexible and meaningful reporting, full incorporation of the AIRS taxonomy, and an intuitive user interface that makes data entry a breeze. Harmony users can immediately see new consumers and referrals made through their dashboards and can collaborate with other users and track the consumer through the entire service delivery life cycle. Harmony Information and Referral facilitates NAPIS, tying in inquiries and referrals to case management and ultimately achieving outcome-based measurements, all with a single point of entry.

With Harmony Information and Referral, you can:

  • Seamlessly and securely integrate with Harmony Case Management to track a consumer from the point of initial intake throughout the entire service delivery life cycle
  • Track all consumer contacts, including incoming calls, outgoing calls, walk-in visits, and more
  • Manage all resource data in a single, consolidated database
  • Maintain all aspects of a call, including topics discussed, outcomes, activities and follow-ups, notes, and more
  • Swiftly perform keyword, service, and resource searches, and make referrals to any organization for any service using the intuitive search and referral features
  • Easily assign all five levels of the AIRS taxonomy to services for intuitive searching and reporting
  • Utilize custom intake assessments to track different consumer data based on unique needs
  • Conveniently track historic calls via the information and referral call log
  • Report on all information and referrral data, including call activity, referrals made, resources most referred to, and many other vital data points
  • Share resource data with other AIRS-compliant systems
  • Optionally upload resource data to Aging and Disability Resource Centers (ADRCs)
  • Automatically populate SART reports with data collected within call sessions



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