Embolden Family Caregivers to Increase Consumer Satisfaction and Lower Costs

Improve Care Quality through Real-Time Collaboration with Your Caregivers

Harmony’s application for family caregivers, Caregiver Direct, enables real-time collaboration between all parties caring for a consumer, including care managers, case workers, service providers, primary caregivers, and family members, thereby improving the quality of long-term care for each care recipient. Caregiver Direct also helps agencies mitigate escalating costs by engaging volunteer family caregiver resources to play a more active role in delivering care to the consumer.

Caregiver Direct is a consumer-facing module that enables the formation of virtual care teams composed of family caregivers, providers, and loved ones by allowing them to share service schedules and communicate directly with care managers. And because the module is delivered over the Internet via a Web browser, remote family members are able to stay involved by accessing the latest information on a computer or mobile device.

Through a simple and highly intuitive user interface, the system provides real-time tracking of planned and delivered services to calm family member concerns about the status of their loved one and serves as a vehicle to enable collaboration at major decision points during the service delivery life cycle.

Caregiver Direct can help to:

  • Increase the participation of family members in the care process, thereby making existing budgets go further
  • Provide bidirectional, electronic communication between all members of the care team, facilitating real-time communication about the service delivery, schedules, health of the care recipient, and more
  • Decrease phone inquiries from family members who have questions about care delivery, effectively maximizing the time of your care managers and allowing your organization to reach out to many more people than you do today
  • Publish data directly from Harmony’s Case Management system to eliminate duplicate data entry and provide real-time information to properly credentialed caregivers
  • Deliver secure, read-only access to important agency data including assessments, activities, service plans and schedules, and service deliveries
  • Leverage automated, consumer-driven eligibility tools to identify additional potential services that can benefit the consumer


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