Real-time Business Performance Monitoring and Policy Analysis Serves More Effectively

Leverage Powerful Analytics to Maximize the Success of Your Programs

The intelligence that agencies gather from programmatic and outcome-based data has become a critical component in making important business decisions, maximizing funding sources, and securing new grants.  However, agencies often face significant challenges in uncovering data that will provide valuable insight into the effectiveness of their programs.

Make More Informed Business Decisions

Harmony analytic capabilities start with a hosted, business intelligence and self-service reporting module,Harmony Advanced Reporting, designed to help agencies create reports and dashboards that provide detailed insights into the consumer being served, the health of provider networks, and overall program effectiveness.  Harmony enables state, local, and provider-level agencies to create ad hoc reports using all of the data captured in Harmony systems, including complete longitudinal records of consumer assessment histories, using a set of intuitive, industry-standard tools against an offline copy of the production database – simplified and optimized for easy reporting.

Harmony enables you to:

  • Inform their strategic plans and policies via insights into consumer populations
  • Leverage data to inform decision makers, guide program development, and allocate scarce resources
  • Respond quickly to “last minute” stakeholder requests for data
  • Meet unique agency data requirements
  • Report against combinations of data from various Harmony product modules, including all assessment data
  • Monitor critical outcomes and key performance indicators
  • Improve consumer care by providing supervisors and executives with actionable management information about unmet needs, waitlists, and other critical intelligence
  • Increase efficiency through agency-specific reports


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