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WEBINAR: How State Medicaid Programs Investigate Fraud: Best Practices to Ensure Your Behavioral Health Facility Remains within the Law

               Jeff Baird

State Medicaid programs are the primary sources of funding for behavioral health providers. As the need continues to grow, Medicaid dollars will be stretched, and programs will take precautions to ensure that payments are legitimate.

Join us as Jeffrey Baird, chairman of the healthcare group Brown & Fortunato, outlines why state Medicaid programs are becoming more aggressive in analyzing behavioral health activities and how your practice can ensure your daily operations are within the law.

      Alexandra Pearsall

From this presentation, attendees will learn about:

  • Tools that Medicaid programs have to uncover fraudulent activity
  • Common activities that result in legal problems for behavioral health providers
  • Concrete steps providers can take to reduce the risk of engaging in fraudulent activities
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