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New Methodologies for Funding Medicaid


Pat Casanova

Recorded February 22nd
Presenter: Pat Casanova, Principal, Health Management Associates

This deep-dive into the early indicators of how the administration may restructure Medicaid will offer key insights into block grants and per capita type arrangements. You will see the potential impact on enrollees, providers and states, how FMAP is impacted and more.

We will also cover the key considerations in implementing block grant programs in your state — with or without expansion populations — and how changes in the economy would be treated (such as an economic downturn or natural disaster).

  • Identify what changes and what stays the same under block grants 
  • Flag the potential impact on eligibility, services, and reimbursement
  • See how these changes may affect the funds allocated to your medical and social service programs

Pat Casanova, Principal, Health Management Associates and former director of the $8.2 billion Indiana Office of Medicaid Policy and Planning, draws from her more than 20 years of experience that span the array of state Medicaid programs.

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