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WEBINAR: Exploring Current Mental Health Policy and the Impact of the Affordable Care Act

         Ron Lanton

Since President Kennedy signed the Community Mental Health Act in 1963, which was supposed to provide federal funding for community-based mental healthcare facilities, the U.S. has struggled to adequately fund these services. Today, however, there are new bills in Congress that focus on providing and expanding assistance to existing mental health entities, reversing the years-long trend of reduced accessibility to mental health programs.

Join Ron Lanton, president of True North Political Solutions, as he outlines the current mental health policy and legislation and how this will impact your mental health facility.

This presentation will help attendees:

  • Learn the history of the Affordable Care Act’s relevant sections and how it expanded access to treatment
  • Recognize how federal and state policies interact on this issue
  • Understand current mental health legislation and how this impacts providers today
  • Recognize what providers can do to expand access
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