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How States and Providers Can Build Better Outcomes Together

On Demand Webcast | Recorded August 15, 2018

The escalating costs of homelessness and opioid use, along with growing aging and disability populations, have led many state governments to partner more closely with human services agencies and healthcare providers. Michigan is one state leading the charge. Their State Innovation Model (SIM) project encourages data sharing and cooperation among public and private entities to coordinate an effective response to homelessness in the state. Learn how this type of partnership can benefit your state or organization.

How Agencies and Hospitals Can Forge Win-Win Relationships

On Demand Webcast | Recorded July 26th, 2018

Human services agencies are discovering the value of partnering with the hospitals in their community, and vice versa. Through strong partnerships, agencies can gain new sources of funding and resources to better achieve their mission. Hospitals can discharge at-risk patients confidently, reduce readmissions, enhance outcomes, and improve the overall patient experience. This webinar will demonstrate how Flagler Hospital is working with the agencies in St. Johns County, Florida to enhance quality of life, and provide tips on how you can work with your local hospital to do the same.

MEDICAID 2019: Potential Changes You Need to Prepare for Now

On Demand Webcast | Recorded June 26th, 2018

States are pursuing new policy avenues. Managed care is evolving. And providers need to help clients find access to a system with ever-shrinking resources. This webinar will examine the various ways states are addressing their Medicaid challenges…and how those changes could impact you.

WEBINAR: How Medicaid Policies are Affecting Behavioral Health

Watch the free webinar recording to learn the latest updates on Medicaid policy impacting behavioral health providers.

Happy Case Managers, Happy System Admins

Recorded: Thursday, Oct. 19, 2017 Between double data entry and high caseloads, it’s widely understood that a case manager’s time and resources are limited. So, it comes as no surprise that time constraint is the most common response when the…

WEBINAR: Opioid Crisis: How State and Federal Policymakers are Fighting Back

Watch the free webinar recording to learn the latest updates on the opioid epidemic and how this will impact your facility.

WEBINAR: How State Medicaid Programs Investigate Fraud: Best Practices to Ensure Your Behavioral Health Facility Remains within the Law

Watch the free webinar recording to ensure your behavioral health practice stays within the law!

WEBINAR: Mental Health Treatment and Privacy Policy Updates

Watch the free webinar recording to learn the latest behavioral health privacy updates!

WEBINAR: An Industry in Transition: Hot-Button Issues Facing Behavioral Health Providers

Watch the free webinar recording to learn the latest industry news that will impact your behavioral health business!

WEBINAR: HIPAA Enforcement: How to Survive HHS Audits and Manage Data Breaches

Watch the free webinar recording to learn about HHS audits and how this impacts your behavioral health practice.

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