UPCOMING WEBINAR: Accountable Care Organizations: What They Mean For Behavioral Health Providers

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MLTSS: How Managed Care Will Affect States, Insurers & Medicaid

MLTSS — The Last Frontier for Managed Care Wed., April 26th at 3PM ET / Noon PT Presenter: Pat Casanova, Health Management Associates Register now for an hour of key insights on how the trend toward Managed Care of MLTSS will…

WEBINAR: New Legislation in 2017: How the Trump Administration Will Impact Behavioral Health Providers

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Webinar: 90/10 Rule for Federal Funding of Medicaid-Related IT Projects

Recorded March 22nd Presenters: Wade Miller & Juan Montanez, Health Management Associates Sit back for an hour of key insights on CMS guidance for states requesting enhanced federal funding for IT projects…the federal funding available…and what states must do to request…

WEBINAR: Common Payer Issues and Solutions for Substance Use Providers

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New Methodologies for Funding Medicaid

Recorded February 22nd Presenter: Pat Casanova, Principal, Health Management Associates This deep-dive into the early indicators of how the administration may restructure Medicaid will offer key insights into block grants and per capita type arrangements. You will see the potential impact on enrollees, providers…

Interfacing with MCOs, Hospitals and Beyond

Webinar: January 12, 2017 Presenters: Anthony DeCarolis, Solutions Consultant, Mediware, Jim Sackett, Director of Product Management, Mediware Fill out the form at the right to get a personal demo of the numerous ways agencies using Mediware’s SAMS Case Management software solution can…

WEBINAR: Behavioral Health Self-Audits: The “Canary in the Mine Shaft” That Can Head Off Large Problems

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WEBINAR: Managing Compliance Challenges in Substance Use Clinics

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WEBINAR: Exploring Current Mental Health Policy and the Impact of the Affordable Care Act

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