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A Helping Hand of Wilmington Goes Paperless with AlphaFlex

With a flexible paperless system, this provider saves time, lowers costs, and more effectively cares for clients.

At A Helping Hand of Wilmington, a substance use and mental health provider in North Carolina, paper is virtually a relic of the past. That’s because the agency uses Mediware’s AlphaFlex behavioral health software to upload and store documents, create custom reports, bill electronically, and more. Jim Hembree, A Helping Hand’s director of operations, says the software has had a big impact on the agency’s processes. “We can now store all clinical notes directly in the system and can ensure that we have the documentation to bill correctly the first time. And in the event that we are audited,” he adds, “it’s easy to retrieve the documentation and respond in a timely manner.”


Streamline Operations with AlphaFlex

“We rely on AlphaFlex for everything—scheduling, documentation, reporting, electronic billing, and e-prescribing.”

Jim Hembree, Director of Operations,
A Helping Hand of Wilmington

With AlphaFlex, the professionals at A Helping Hand of Wilmington can now:

  • Operate paperlessly and quickly respond to audits
  • Save money on server maintenance and other IT costs
  • Access patient information remotely

Paperless documentation

The transition to a paperless system, notes Jim, was a gradual one, but it has paid off both in convenience and in compliance. “For a number of years, we used both paper and AlphaFlex, but then, as we got more comfortable with Alpha, we got away from the paper, and we’ve been fully paperless for two years now,” he confirms.

The organization had to get approval for electronic signatures from the managed care organization (MCO), and that’s when Jim and the team made the decision to go fully paperless. “It’s simple for us to scan documents and move them into the documentation tabs for each person’s information, and the ability to print multiple notes has been extremely helpful for when audits come into play,” says Jim.  He reports that A Helping Hand has experienced many chart audits in recent months. “We have only five days to respond to these audits, but with AlphaFlex, it doesn’t take long to get all the information needed because it’s all in the system,” he adds, noting that, as far as he is aware, A Helping Hand of Wilmington is the only mental health agency in its area that is completely paperless.

Lower technology costs

Jim notes that another significant benefit of AlphaFlex is that the software saves on information technology costs. The hosted system has eliminated costly server maintenance and the need for manual backup of files. “We used to have a server on site, and we no longer do,” says Jim. “And we’re also fully cloud based. That way, the clinicians have access to their information wherever they need to.”

Access on the go

About 80% of A Helping Hand’s appointments are completed in the office, but some take place in client homes. With AlphaFlex, clinicians can access information and add notes from any location and from any device that has Internet access. In the event that Internet access is not available, Jim explains that clinicians simply create Word documents for later upload into the system. This flexibility, along with the time and financial savings of paperless and hosted systems, has enabled A Helping Hand of Wilmington to maintain its focus on what is most important—
helping patients improve the quality of their lives.

About A Helping Hand of Wilmington

Founded in 2007, A Helping Hand of Wilmington is family owned and operated with offices in Wilmington and Leland, NC. The agency provides a variety of substance abuse and mental health services and is nationally accredited with the Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL).

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