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Gateway Homes Streamlines Billing and Has Minimal Denials with AlphaFlex

AlphaFlex’s billing tools reduce denials, maximize productivity, and grow collections for Gateway Homes.

For nearly 35 years, Gateway Homes has been providing residential support services for adults diagnosed with serious mental illnesses like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and depression. Recently, the organization began using Mediware’s AlphaFlex electronic health record (EHR) software across its three locations in Virginia. Although the organization has not gone completely paperless, it has streamlined many of its billing and documentation processes through the use of a single software suite.

“We like the setup of AlphaFlex,” says Melissa Stiltoner, psychosocial rehabilitation manager at Gateway Homes. “It’s very simple to use, and it’s easy to teach new staff members who come on board how to document within the system.”

Sending clean claims

“Before a claim goes to billing, the system ensures that all documentation and payer requirements have been met, so our claims rarely have errors.”

Melissa Stiltoner,
Psychosocial Rehabilitation Manager,
Gateway Homes

Since going live with AlphaFlex, the professionals at Gateway Homes have been able to:

  • Streamline billing and send complete claims
  • Train new employees efficiently and ensure cohesiveness across the organization
  • Access client files and generate reports from any location and on any device

Streamlined billing

Gateway Homes works with only two payers: Medicaid, primarily, and some Medicare. With AlphaFlex, the organization can easily send complete claims that satisfy both payers as well as the state’s requirements. One of the key features of AlphaFlex is that it alerts users when required fields are missing in the clinical notes. This results in a smooth billing process with more complete claims and fewer denials.

“The AlphaFlex EHR system really helps our billing process go smoothly,” Stiltoner says. “Before a claim goes to billing, the system ensures that all documentation and payer requirements have been met, so our claims rarely have errors,” she adds. In addition, the ability to create custom assessments and forms in AlphaFlex ensures Gateway Homes captures all necessary requirements for clean billing right from the start of the intake process. These billing features have helped maximize Gateway Homes’ collections and eliminate the time-consuming process of reworking claims.

Easy-to-use system

Having a single software suite for all employees across the organization allows everyone to be in the loop regarding each patient’s clinical and billing information. And according to Stiltoner, the simplicity of the AlphaFlex system has been an asset during the training of new hires. Although Gateway Homes has relatively low employee turnover, the organization adds part-time staff from time to time. “It’s nice that we can show our new employees just a few times, and they pretty much get exactly what to do in AlphaFlex,” Stiltoner says. “A lot of our part-time staff members work full time at other organizations, and they’ve made comments that our system is so much easier and more user-friendly than the systems they use at their full-time jobs.”

Web-based advantages

The web-based AlphaFlex system allows staff access from any location and on any device with Internet connection. Stiltoner says this access, including real-time documentation, has been instrumental in allowing Gateway Homes staff to communicate across its three locations—a main campus and two smaller facilities—and has been especially convenient when staff work from home. In addition, as a hosted solution, AlphaFlex is automatically updated, and the organization’s data is automatically backed up. This eliminates the need for manual backups and the need to secure safe, off -site storage of backups. Features such as these have increased efficiency at Gateway Homes and helped to maximize reimbursements. With greater productivity and resources, members now have more time to focus on helping people rather than operational processes.

About Gateway Homes

Founded in 1983, Gateway Homes is a nonprofit organization that provides mental health services in a residential setting. With three facilities in Virginia,Gateway Homes is committed to providing supportive services specifically designed to meet the needs of adults diagnosed with serious mental illness.

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