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Eastern Shore Psychological Services Saves Time with Automated Reporting

AlphaFlex’s automated reporting using live data saves time and helps improve processes.

Since 1999, Eastern Shore Psychological Services (ESPS) has provided outpatient mental health and addiction services, psychiatric rehabilitation, psychological testing and evaluation, and home visiting services for people of all ages. Now, with four locations across Maryland, the company recently sought a single electronic health record (EHR) to streamline its business operations and make reporting less tedious and time consuming. ESPS went live with Mediware’s AlphaFlex software in December 2016 and within only a few  months had already identified several improvements over the multiple systems the company used previously.


Data Reporting with AlphaFlex

“We are able to create reports using live data, and that’s a huge bonus for us.”

Mike Hooper, Director of Recovery Services,
Eastern Shore Psychological Services

With AlphaFlex, Eastern Shore Psychological Services has been able to:

  • Save time by eliminating manual data reporting
  • Track business performance in real time
  • Analyze and learn from the data to improve internal business processes

Automated data reporting

The business intelligence reporting tools AlphaFlex provides have brought greater efficiency to a formerly time-consuming task for ESPS management. Now, with live data easily accessible in the system, staff at the various ESPS facilities can complete their reports in about half the time they used to. “Prior to AlphaFlex, I would spend hours and hours pulling reports,” confirms Jessica Bass, psychiatric rehabilitation program supervisor at the company’s Easton, MD, location. Instead, Bass now uses some of AlphaFlex’s ready-made reports and creates custom reports in the system as well.

Real-time tracking

One of the most time-saving features, from Bass’ perspective, is that all the software’s pieces “talk” to each other. “If you make an update in the diagnosis section in a client’s chart, it automatically pushes to anywhere the diagnosis needs to be seen,” she explains. This functionality helps keep notes and other information cohesive in clients’ charts and supports complete and accurate documentation and billing. Bass says another feature that has made a big difference in the business is the software’s real-time reporting capabilities. The ability for ESPS personnel to know what is being billed minute by minute allows for better communication and greater accuracy. “The information we can get from the system is huge,” she says. “We can track any detail with staff , billing, or productivity. Getting the data out of the system has been remarkable compared to what we had in the past.”

Improved processes

With all the data AlphaFlex provides, staff at Eastern Shore Psychological Services have been able to significantly improve internal processes, including staff productivity and client follow-ups. Bass says using AlphaFlex’s reporting features has freed up a significant amount of time she can divert to other areas where her attention is needed most—proactively managing her staff, staying up to date with clients, and finding ways to improve workplace productivity, compliance, and client service. “Offloading reporting tasks allows me time to analyze our data and make changes based on the data,” Bass says. “And then I can take it back to our staff to see what else we can do to improve,” she adds. “We’re able to use all of this data to help strengthen our program as a whole.”

About Eastern Shore Psychological Services

Eastern Shore Psychological Services is a private, for-profit behavioral health services organization providing care for clients along the eastern shore of Maryland and beyond since 1999. ESPS has four locations and a mission to “exceed client expectations by providing the most effective prevention, treatment, and evaluation services.”

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