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Anuvia Prevention & Recovery Center Streamlines Billing with AlphaFlex

AlphaFlex’s paperless documentation and electronic signatures and billing contribute to reliable data and few denials.

When the managed care organization (MCO) for Mecklenburg County, NC, planned to use AlphaMCS for its payer services, Valerie Kopetzky, director of finance and administration, and Ted Loring, technology manager, thought AlphaFlex, the counterpart for behavioral health providers, was the obvious solution for their organization.

In addition, because AlphaFlex is available in a hosted format, Loring appreciated that he would be able to save valuable time for his department. With a hosted solution, he explains, there “isn’t a lot of installation of software or the management of several servers to keep it all running.” And, he adds, “the simple format of the web browser appealed to me.”


Streamline Operations with AlphaFlex

“AlphaFlex does what we need and is head and shoulders above what’s available to us.”

Valerie Kopetzky, Director of Finance and Administration,
Anuvia Prevention & Recovery Center

With AlphaFlex, Anuvia Prevention & Recovery Center can now enjoy:

  • Complete paperless documentation
  • Electronic signatures and billing
  • Reliable internal audit processes and minimal denials

Less paper and more revenue

Although their previous system functioned somewhat as an electronic medical record, Kopetzky reports that there was still too much paper, with documents “sometimes scanned” into the system. Naturally, the reliance on paper led to errors, which meant that time was wasted searching for missing documents, making corrections, and resubmitting claims.

“When we made the switch to Alpha, our plan was to make a paradigm shift and completely stop using paper,” recalls Kopetzky. “The bonus,” she adds, “was that the system could handle it. It was our moment to get everyone on board with generating forms, saving the forms, and signing them electronically. We have eliminated so much paper!” As a result, with the forms all contained within Alpha, Loring notes that Anuvia’s staff now think of the system as the client chart. “It took some time,” he acknowledges, “but our staff is no longer looking for paper charts.”

Fast and reliable billing

While Anuvia’s switch to digital documentation increased accuracy and efficiency—saving both paper and revenue in the process—Kopetzky says that the ability to capture signatures electronically was the real “game changer” for the organization. “Our technology team built a macro so that when we pull up forms in Alpha, they can be electronically signed by our staff and our clients. Then we immediately upload them,” she adds, “so there’s no printing.” Electronic signature capture also led to faster, more efficient billing despite that the county now uses a different MCO. Because Alpha’s fee structure is based on client reimbursements, the Alpha team, according to Loring, is “highly motivated to make sure the electronic billing happens correctly. It was nice for me, as the technology manager, to be able to hand over those technical issues,” he reports.

Internal audits and minimal denials

With Alpha serving as its patients’ electronic medical record (EMR), Kopetzky says that the system enabled the Anuvia team to implement an internal audit of every note that goes into the system. This internal process, which involves cross-referencing sign-in sheets with the data in Alpha, “means that the fidelity of our data is high,” she explains. As a result, Anuvia traditionally has had low denials. “Our denials have been low partly because we implemented a good system and partly because Alpha has allowed us to have a good system to do auditing and double checks,” says Loring. “This is a strong part of Alpha’s success for us.”

About Anuvia Prevention & Recovery Center

Anuvia Prevention & Recovery Center is a nonprofit provider of behavioral healthcare services in Charlotte,
NC. In addition to its main campus, Anuvia also provides care—including prevention, intervention, DWI/court,
assessment, detoxifi cation, outpatient treatment, and inpatient treatment—at two other Anuvia facilities as well
as several off -site locations with the Charlotte community.

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