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Spero: Web Based Software Built for Rescue Missions

Spero is a fast and flexible software system that integrates seamlessly with rescue missions. With Spero, you can simplify case management, administrative reporting, record keeping, and other daily tasks.

What You Get

The Premium and Enterprise versions of Spero come power packed with features designed for rescue missions. Enhancements are made on a regular basis and are included with your subscription of the software. Spero is web based, all data is in real time.

Attendances and Bed Assignments

Assign beds to individuals to reserve beds or allow a bed to be assigned on a nightly basis. Use Spero’s Alert feature to know if a person should be allowed to enter the mission or notify them of a message. Create a bed roster and know who and how many are attending and those who are absent.

Custom Forms & Fields

Start with a template specifically for Gospel Rescue Missions and customize it based on your requirements or build your own. With our custom forms/fields, you don’t have to pay extra or submit a help ticket to create or edit, you do it yourself with our easy to use Custom Form Creator! Once a field is created on a form, it is automatically seen among all of your users and it is available in reports for viewing and filtering. The best part is that you don’t need a computer science major to administrate Spero System, our admin management system is user friendly and very efficient.

Fee for Service/Money Savings/Work Assignment Credits

If your mission charges fees for overnight stays or rent for residential programs, this will help you keep track of the account details! You can also keep help client save money and track the details in Spero. If you charge a fee or offer client to use a credit for a say, this feature will work for your mission.

Client Logs & Vouchers

Use logs to keep track of notes, accomplishments like a GED, certificates, spiritual accomplishments like baptisms. This feature, like most of our features is fully customizable, you create Log Types and Categories to fit your Mission. There are several levels of security in Spero that allow secure counselor notes. Electronic vouchers will allow your mission to enter and keep track of items issued and redeemed from your clothing closet or thrift store.

ID Scan Cards

Our clients are using ID scan cards that allow them to save time and improve accuracy. Scan in to track services, overnight check-in, meals, attendance in classes, and distribution of the paperless voucher system are a few perks of using our ID scan cards feature. Have clients scan in and out for scheduled appointments, eliminating paper logs.

Time Tracking

Utilize this tool to keep track of the hours served or work assignments for clients and/or volunteers.

Outcome Tracking and Reporting

With this feature, you can create custom matrix forms with scored answers, record and report the results.

HMIS Data Transfer

If your mission chooses to provide data with their local Continuum of Care, they can use Spero for your complete solution and have the ability to collect HUD UDE’s, Services and Entry/Exits and share with your CoC via XML exported file that is imported into ServicePoint via SyncPoint.

Out of all of the systems we researched, Spero is the most cost effective system and at the same time it was designed in a way that understands all of the nuances of Rescue Mission work.
John Muckridge III, MAOL | Director of Client Services | Rescue Mission of The Mahoning Valley

Subscription Plans

With Spero System, we do not charge by the “seat” or “license”, instead we offer unlimited users that include many different user roles. This allows your agency to utilize volunteers and even people in your programs to use Spero with a secure log-in for limited access. Our unique pricing allows us to serve missions of all sizes! Prices start at $499.00 per month and increase based on the size and capacity, budget, etc. of the Mission.


If you’re in a hurry or have a limited budget, our pre-configured system can get you up and running quickly. Or you can configure the software to fit your current workflow. Our expert resources — who do this every day — will make quick work of whatever you have. Spero is easy to implement and highly intuitive, so your people will be fully productive in a short time.

  1. Meet Your Implementation Contact
    You will have an implementation specialist and a support team to walk you through every step.
  1. Map Your Workflow
    Weather you have a legacy system or are working in excel and paper, we will help you map your workflow to meet your specific needs.
  1. Customize Templates
    Spero is fully customizable, we will teach you how to customize the templates.

  1. Schedule Training
    We will train & support the super users and Spero administrators, they will train the staff.
  1. Go Live
    We will be on call during your go live, making sure you have a smooth transition. 
  1. Adapt and Improve
    As your staff begins to use Spero, we will be available to help you with any modifications necessary to allow you to fully adapt Spero for your mission.


Once you’re running, we’re always just a phone call away

Your Spero subscription includes a complete set of support services that ensure you’re always getting the most out of the system.

Email and Phone Support Throughout your Day

We are just an email or phone call away!  If you request is urgent we will answer in a very timly fashion, other requests are a max of 24 hour turn around.  However, we typically respond to most requests immediately.

Live User Webinars

As we are constantly enhancing Spero, we offer webinars to all clients at no charge!

Continuous Product Updates

Spero is being updated on a regular basis to continue to meet needs of our clients.

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