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Improve data management and quality with ServicePoint

ServicePoint is used by 60% of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Continuum of Care (CoC) communities

So much more than just an HMIS (Homeless Management Information System), ServicePoint is a flexible, web-based software system used by human services organizations to easily manage and coordinate services, guide resource allocation, and demonstrate effectiveness.

What You Get

You gain a secure, web-based software solution that will save you time and money
When you choose ServicePoint, you can say goodbye to your stacks of paper forms and spreadsheets. From day-to-day client entry to your annual reports, ServicePoint will help you convert formerly time-intensive tasks into just a few clicks of the mouse.

Client Management

  • Assess and prioritize client needs
  • Record client program participation and quickly view activities
  • Manage wait lists
  • Create case plans, goals and activities
  • Record services and monitor progress

Residential Tools

  • Link clients to households
  • View real-time occupancy information
  • Manage reservations and residential assignments
  • Monitor client physical plant ingress/egress in real time

Referral Management

  • Build your own community resource directory
  • Make project and service referrals in seconds


  • Demonstrate your organization’s outcomes to providers and funders
  • Track resources and services across entire regions
  • Access a comprehensive library of standard reports that are field-tested and proven within the human services industry.
  • Use dashboards to help you quickly get a real-time perspective about your organization
  • Configure ServicePoint to collect any relevant data element imaginable and then build your own custom queries

Enhance Your System

Optional modules give you the added functionality you need

Eligibility Module

Immediately send multiple referrals to eligible projects and services with one click by instantly viewing the projects and services for which your client is eligible, potentially eligible, or ineligible.

  • Customize your project and service criteria
  • Help ensure high quality referrals
  • Increase your referral efficiency

CallPoint Module

Create a fully-functional information and referral management tool within your ServicePoint system. Log calls, capture information about callers, and refer those in need to the most appropriate community providers.

  • Accurately capture caller information to make appropriate referrals
  • Customize intake forms to collect data appropriate to call type, line answered, or special project
  • Easily coordinate follow-up during call I\intake
  • Access a library of standard reports, including the “2-1-1 U.S. Big Count”, or create custom reports for statistics on all your call center activities.
  • Telephony integration

ShelterPoint Auxiliary Module

Manage client curfews by providing residential services staff instant visibility to which clients are currently in your facility.

  • Empower your residents by providing individually assigned ID cards they scan as they independently arrive and leave your residential facility.
  • Instantly show who is on-site and who is not, for management and for regulating authorities
  • Save staff time and always know client presence anywhere in your facility

FundManager Module

Seamlessly integrate grant management with client activity, providing a full picture of how funds are spent and who funds assist.

  • Control fund compliance parameters and which providers have access to the funds
  • Take the guesswork out of determining the best funding sources to assist clients by displaying only relevant funding source options and providing real-time fund balances
  • Make audits a snap by tracking and reporting on service authorizations and assistance provided

SyncPoint Module

Efficiently import data into your ServicePoint system to avoid the hassle of double data entry.

  • Imports thousands of rows of data with a few clicks
  • Schedule your recurring import to make sure your import happens when you need it
  • Control how your data is imported to ensure accuracy and consistency

Implementation & Support

We believe support is more than an anonymous voice from a call center. When you use our software systems, you engage with a team of dedicated professionals providing layers of support from initial implementation to successful ongoing use.

Comprehensive Implementation

Your first line of support begins on day one.

Let our Implementation Specialists start your organization off right! From assessing your organization’s needs with our comprehensive business analyses to developing efficient workflows, to entering your first client to your system, our implementation team will make sure your implementation is geared for success from day one!

Online Support

We provide an abundance of practical online resources which are only a click away!
Whether you need a quick answer, a comprehensive guide to implement a workflow, or something in-between, our library of online resources are accessible and ready to help!

Take advantage of our Online Customer Information and Collaboration Portal, regularly scheduled webinars, and much more!

Dedicated Customer Support Specialist

Your Customer Support Specialist is only a phone-call or email away…
Experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated to your system’s success! Our Customer Support Specialists not only provide top-notch customer service as they coordinate your inquiries, but also provide familiarity with you, your organization, and your system. You won’t believe what a difference this makes.

Industry Compliance Team

Leave compliance to us!

Our Industry Compliance Team has got your back when it comes to ensuring your organizational adherence to all applicable data collection and reporting standards. The Team is responsible for interpretation of Industry Data Standards – HUD, HHS, VA and other federal partners – and for producing accurate reports in a timely manner.

Get the most out of ServicePoint with additional services

Our comprehensive range of professional services are available to help you maximize the functionality and productivity of your data system.


Need a tune-up for your organization or extra support for a special project?

Our Client Services team has an extensive range of expertise to provide comprehensive education, and technical consulting. Whatever areas for which you require assistance, we’ve got an expert to consult and work with your organization.

Custom Programming

Make sure your system always meets your changing needs.

Sometimes there are situations where you need to maximize the flexibility of our software systems to suit the expanding needs of your organization – that’s where our Custom Programming team comes in! We’ll customize your system to make sure it’s always the right fit.

On and Off-Site Training Services

Learn how to maximize your system.

In order to utilize the most functionality in your system, training is fundamental. We offer multiple training options, including on-site , off-site , online training, regional and national training events to make sure we provide opportunities to build important skills in the most suitable format.

Data Migration and Exchange

Consolidate your data for more effective reporting and analysis.

Whether a one-time migration of legacy data from another software system , the need to routinely import data from another source, or if you just want to share certain data sets with community stakeholders, our experienced Custom Programming team can handle just about anything! We dedicate an entire division of our software development department to ensure your data is doing what you want, where you want it.

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