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Expand Your Rescue Mission’s Reach with Spero Client and Services Management Software

You don’t have enough staff to spend time filing paperwork, updating spreadsheets, or completing other processes manually. Instead, with Spero, you can devote your time and resources to fulfilling your mission. You can also determine whether your programs are achieving the results you were hoping for, and you can monitor client care data, enrollment intervals to receive services, referrals, and more.

Improve productivity across your organization

Spero helps you optimize data entry, so you spend less time double checking program eligibility and more time face-to-face with clients, doing what really matters.

  • Automate intake processes and standardize your intake forms to quickly determine client eligibility across programs
  • Simplify and enhance client management, administrative reporting, record keeping, and other daily tasks

Replace tally counters and printed rosters

Tally counters and printed rosters create more work and, often, duplicate records. With Spero, you can eliminate manual processes and establish visibility across programs with a single client record.

  • Easily record individual client attendance with customized, program-specific ID cards to track the services you provide and the events they attend
  • Mobilize your workforce, so they can access the system at any time and from any location
  • Easily track resources through voucher management

Showcase your success with customized reporting and analytics

Track the data points that are important to your organization and its mission by customizing data fields. You can also control access to your clients’ data, so it remains secure and compliant.

  • Identify and rank your most and least effective programs
  • Provide evidence-based outcome reporting to donor organizations
  • Uncover insights and spot trends that facilitate fact-based decision making

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