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Improve Organizational Efficiencies and Advance Client and Program Outcomes

Serve your clients efficiently and effectively with ServicePoint, an industry-leading community services management software solution designed to help nonprofit organizations optimize their performance. You will have confidence that your consumers are getting connected to the resources they need by maintaining better oversight into agent caseloads and client care coordination.


Fully support each program in your services continuum

Most nonprofit organizations provide a wide range of services, so you need a system that can adapt to meet your various needs. ServicePoint is easily configured to suit your programs, so you don’t need to adapt your workflows to fit the system.

  • Aggregate program data for parent organizations, advocacy groups, field associations, and oversight bodies
  • Identify best practices across your organization to improve program and client outcomes
  • Seamlessly share real-time data with other organizations or programs
  • Scale your system to serve scores of providers and thousands of clients, whether national, statewide, regional, or local

Implement effective client-coordinated entry

Help your clients find the services they need while saving time and reducing errors. ServicePoint can help you achieve better results with the resources you currently have available.

  • Seamlessly coordinate services across multiple programs for vulnerable populations with a single client record
  • Facilitate client access and engagement with management tools to determine eligibility and needs prioritization
  • Improve the consumer experience by leveraging an interconnected referral network
  • Manage and track volunteer hours and impact by region or nationally

Move from data collection to performance management

Use the data you are already collecting to understand the impact of your programs. ServicePoint also helps you use your data to uncover potential problems and highlight opportunities.

  • Fully demonstrate your organizations’ impact on your community and clients
  • Make fact-based decisions utilizing real-time reports
  • Measure progress on quality improvement objectives through in-depth program performance analysis
  • Comply with reporting standards through client and program outcome reports