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Implement A Hassle-Free Single Entry Point / No Wrong Door Solution

Provide a single entry point/ no wrong door for consumers to look for resources and apply for supports and services in one convenient location via a web-based unified assessment. Through automated “Level 1” assessment methodology, eligibility can be determined and information about the consumer directed to the appropriate long-term care programs or agencies to begin the process of coordinating care based on consumer need and eligibility status. Your consumers will only need to tell their story once and their data will follow the person through the continuum of care.

Efficiently serve your consumers and meet your obligations

  • Manage your waitlist based on the criticality of your consumers
  • Create automatic triggers to help guide staff through important steps
  • Enable your consumers to self-assess whether they are eligible for programs
  • Develop comprehensive service plans based on consumer preferences, to ensure successful transition to the community, and follow up with the integrated Quality of Life survey as required by MFP.
  • Easily maintain a resource database of providers and available services across the state

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