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Make SHIP reporting easy
Ask about this time-saving module built for SAMS

SHIP Reporter for SAMSMediware’s SHIP Reporter lets you focus on what you do best – educate and assist consumers. This multi-feature module works alongside SAMS to streamline reporting to, greatly reducing time and costly errors.

Download the SHIP Reporter PDF

SHIP Reporter also assures you that counselors and volunteers capture the necessary data for successful SHIP report submission in a complete, compliant fashion. Administrators can easily monitor data and analyze trends, ensuring program efficiency and reporting compliance. Fully integrated with SAMS, SHIP Reporter gives you a complete view of your operation without tedious dual data entry.

Ensure accurate data collection on every encounter

  • Uses standard SAMS Information and Referral and Assessment functionality
  • Captures client data for both named and anonymous callers
  • Collects complete Public And Media (PAM) event data
  • Automatically populates key consumer demographic data
  • Clearly marks required data fields, ensuring accurate and complete data collection
  • Validates data on entry to ensure compliance with CMS requirements prior to submission
  • Complies with the CMS State Demonstrations to Integrate Care for Dual Eligible Individuals program

Generate reliable reports to effortlessly

  • Exports data for direct upload to the CMS reporting site
  • Prints individual Client Contact (CC) or Public and Media Event (PAM) forms
  • Performs redundant data validation on export to ensure compliance with CMS requirements
  • Flags data errors with hyperlinks to the problematic assessments for easy correction
  • Automatically tracks and prevents duplicate reporting

Enhance your program with new management insights

  • Client Contact and Public and Media Events Summary Reports
  • Run reports using a variety of parameters, including date, agency, and SHIP counselor
  • Enhances programming by identifying existing and emerging trends based on topics discussed
  • Improves customer service by balancing counselor workload based on number of contacts and time spent per contact
  • SHIP Export Report
  • Run reports using a variety of parameters
  • Quickly analyze export data, determining how many records have been exported, have not been exported, or are in the process of being exported at either the agency or state level

SHIP Reporter lets you spend less time on administrative tasks and more time helping beneficiaries access the Medicare services and information they need.