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E-Prescribing with AlphaFlex EHR Software

physical therapy scheduling softwareIs your organization using paper prescriptions for controlled substances?

Prescription drug abuse in America is quickly becoming a national public health crisis. Because the use of paper prescriptions for these addictive controlled substances plays a role in this crisis, the FDA recommends electronic prescriptions as one way to reduce opioid misuse.

With Mediware/AlphaFlex EHR software, your organization can streamline your workflow, save time and money, and improve client care with e-prescribing technology through our integration with Surescripts®.


AlphaFlex’s Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substance- EPCS allows you to:

  • Ensure the right medications and amounts are given to the right clients
  • Reduce unnecessary office visits and minimize wait times with pharmacies while increasing client satisfaction
  • Improve provider productivity by enabling one workflow for all prescriptions

Fill out the form to learn how you can start e-prescribing with AlphaFlex software!

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