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Efficiently Manage Your Waiver Programs for Persons with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities

Provide better outcomes for your intellectually and developmentally disabled population with Mediware’s IDD solution. Our application will also help you optimize the use of funding sources through HCBS waiver management.


Promote comprehensive case management

Put your consumers at the center of your full service delivery life cycle from initial inquiry or referral to assessment, service delivery, and reporting.

  • Enable agency staff, providers and care givers to access and contribute to a single, global consumer record with role-based security rules
  • Track histories, care plans, chart notes, and reimbursement from multiple providers — all in one place.
  • Automate routine tasks and help your staff to consistently collect important information

Conduct Assessments from Anywhere

Allow your team to complete consumer assessments from any location on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device—with or without the Internet. Conducting and recording consumer assessments in the community minimizes data errors, increases productivity and boosts employee morale. Placing this cutting-edge, integrated mobile technology in your assessors’ hands will ultimately help you drive down costs.


Automate Medicaid Waivers

Managing Medicaid waivers doesn’t have to be so cumbersome. Deploy the Harmony software solution globally but maintain the flexibility to ensure that each waiver managed meets the funding requirements.

  • Provide funders with a complete cross-agency view of the person being served, whether enrolled in a single program or multiple programs
  • Prioritize waitlists based on criticality of need
  • Keep the focus on your consumers by creating person-centered plans
  • Collect insights and help ensure accurate payments with our sophisticated financial and claims management tools
  • Improve care and stay in compliance by documenting and tracking all incidents

Gain valuable insights from analytics & reporting

Leverage the information you are already capturing in your daily business processes to analyze your current performance and historical trends. Use dashboards and reports to gain valuable insights about the consumers being served, the health of your provider network, and your overall program effectiveness. Equipped with this information, you will be better able to drive strategic decisions, improve the overall quality of care, and maximize your funding.
Your program directors and managers will be able to continuously measure the performance of their services and operations. With a deeper understanding of how services are being delivered and which services require improvements, program executives can use these insights to make adjustments that will ultimately improve consumer outcomes.


Establish a fully integrated system

Empower agency staff, providers, caregivers, loved ones, and consumers to work collaboratively from a single system. You will also be able to create a single point-of-entry system including call screening, intake and referrals. Safely provide all participants in the human services ecosystem with the ability to view or contribute to your consumers’ records by granting access based on the needs of each role.

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