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Manage Multiple Grants, Requirements, and Funding Sources

Whether you intend to apply for a federal community service grant or seek support from local foundations and corporations, we will help you meet a variety of eligibility guidelines and regulations.

Diversify funding sources by making compliance a snap

Cover your bases for all HUD-required reporting, and easily comply with funding and regulatory guidelines. Our suite of reports includes HMIS required reports as well as those designed to meet the requirements of federal partners such as Veterans Affairs and Health & Human Services.
The following program reports are included:

  • Continuum of Care Annual Performance Report (CoC APR) with data mapping for proper e-snaps submission
  • Emergency Solutions Grant Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (ESG CAPER) Housing Inventory Count (HIC)
  • Point-in-Time (PIT) annual count for sheltered and unsheltered
  • System Performance Measures
  • HMIS Annual Performance Report (APR)
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Show funding organizations that your projects are putting their funds to good use

ServicePoint helps you efficiently manage your funding budget in real time. By applying the costs of client services to specific grants, you can provide current and future grantees a full view of how their funds are being spent and who the funds assisted.

  • Apply client services to specific funding sources
  • Link client and project activities to outcomes
  • Easily compile organization-specific funding outcome reports

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