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Implement Client-Centric Coordinated Care

Improve client-centric care across your organization with ServicePoint, the most powerful and flexible client-centric HMIS on the market. ServicePoint will help you save valuable time and make your dollars go further, so you can focus on meeting more clients’ needs.

Streamline your housing and homeless management workflows

Implement comprehensive and standardized assessments across your coordinated entry system, and automate your reporting processes.

  • Avoid duplicate record creation with customizable workflows
  • Embrace permission-based management to meet organizational and security requirements
  • Ease staff transition to electronic records with a proven, user-friendly interface
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Manage your residential projects in real time

View real-time occupancy levels across your provider facilities, so you can easily manage enrollment, reservations, unit assignments, and much more.

  • Gain access to immediate occupancy information
  • Easily manage reservations and unit assignments
  • Streamline service data entry with client ID cards
  • Facilitate accountable client movement and manage curfews and work schedules with key card access

Provide client-focused outcomes reporting

Say goodbye to stacks of paper and time-consuming workarounds by streamlining your organization’s workflows — from day-to-day client entry to annual reporting needs. With ServicePoint, you can condense time-intensive workflows down to a couple of clicks of the mouse and maximize operational productivity.

  • Document and report individual client goals and outcomes
  • Identify trends and forecast project demand with longitudinal reports
  • Easily generate industry standard reports for HUD and its Federal Partners’ community services programs

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