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Find out why Harmony is trusted by so many states and MCOs for Medicaid Waivers

This SaaS (Software as a Service) solution is built specifically for long-term services and supports programs. Find out how Harmony can be configured to meet your specific needs for:

Aging and Disabilities      IDD     Behavioral Health


Leverage Case Management Tools Built for Long-Term Care

Harmony will help you provide efficient and effective support to your consumers from initial inquiry or referral to assessment, service delivery, and reporting. You can provide care managers the tools they need to efficiently serve consumers, no matter what type of care they are receiving.

  • Link all consumer demographics, call assessments, activities, care plans, service plans, service orders, and service deliveries in a single, integrated system
  • Easily create and track care plan goals and objectives
  • Share data securely with other agencies on a need-to-know basis, ensuring that users see and edit only allowable records
  • Automatically retrieve and review new consumers, referrals, service orders, upcoming assessments, expiring care plans, and more using Harmony’s automated dashboards
  • Provide care managers the ability to work remotely in both online and offline modes and quickly synchronize assessment data to Harmony when returning from areas where Internet connectivity is not available
  • Record thousands of services for many consumers at the click of a button
  • Enable authorized users to build full-featured reports based on preconfigured templates without assistance from technical staff
  • View consumers’ planned services in one easy-to-read service calendar
  • Automatically bill Medicaid and Medicare for delivered services

Save Time and Money through Seamless Collaboration with Your Providers

You can collaborate with providers through a single, integrated system and shared database. With the Provider Direct module, Providers can directly connect to your organizations’ Harmony Case Management system allowing for:

Increased Efficiencies: Ensure your staff and providers are working with the same data and not wasting time exchanging information using manual processes or interfaces that slows down service delivery and delays payments.

Reduction of Duplicate Data Entry: Providers enter information directly into Provider Direct on shared consumer records within one single database, providing users who “need to know” information the ability to access it instead of duplicating the information in a separate system.

Unprecedented Communication: When your staff and providers enter information on activities and referrals, service orders, and journals, it is immediately available to everyone who needs the information—facilitating true, real-time communication.


Streamline Your Information and Referral Processes

You can successfully tie together your call centers, resources, and consumers with a purpose-built, AIRS-compliant, single-point-of-entry system. With Harmony Information and Referral, you can:

  • Seamlessly and securely integrate with Harmony Case Management to track a consumer from the point of initial intake throughout the entire service delivery life cycle
  • Track all consumer contacts, including incoming calls, outgoing calls, walk-in visits, and more
  • Manage all resource data in a single, consolidated database
  • Maintain all aspects of a call, including topics discussed, outcomes, activities and follow-ups, notes, and more
  • Swiftly perform keyword, service, and resource searches, and make referrals to any organization for any service using the intuitive search and referral features
  • Easily assign all five levels of the AIRS taxonomy to services for intuitive searching and reporting
  • Utilize custom intake assessments to track different consumer data based on unique needs
  • Conveniently track historic calls via the information and referral call log
  • Report on all information and referral data, including call activity, referrals made, resources most referred to, and many other vital data points
  • Share resource data with other AIRS-compliant systems
  • Optionally upload resource data to Aging and Disability Resource Centers (ADRCs)
  • Automatically populate SART reports with data collected within call sessions

Get More from Your Data

By turning data into intelligence, you can make better business decisions, maximize funding sources, and gain valuable insight into the effectiveness of your programs.  With the help of the Harmony Advanced Reporting module, you can turn data into actionable insight.

  • Inform your strategic plans and policies via insights into consumer populations
  • Leverage data to inform decision makers, guide program development, and allocate scarce resources
  • Respond quickly to “last minute” stakeholder requests for data
  • Meet unique agency data requirements
  • Report against combinations of data from various Harmony product modules, including all assessment data
  • Monitor critical outcomes and key performance indicators
  • Improve consumer care by providing supervisors and executives with actionable management information about unmet needs, waitlists, and other critical intelligence
  • Increase efficiency through agency-specific reports

Collaborate with Caregivers

You can provide real-time collaboration between all parties caring for a consumer, including care managers, case workers, service providers, primary caregivers, and family members, thereby improving the quality of long-term care for each care recipient.

  • Increase the participation of family members in the care process, thereby making existing budgets go further
  • Provide bidirectional, electronic communication between all members of the care team, facilitating real-time communication about the service delivery, schedules, health of the care recipient, and more
  • Decrease phone inquiries from family members who have questions about care delivery, effectively maximizing the time of your care managers and allowing your organization to reach out to many more people than you do today
  • Publish data directly from Harmony’s Case Management system to eliminate duplicate data entry and provide real-time information to properly credentialed caregivers
  • Deliver secure, read-only access to important agency data including assessments, activities, service plans and schedules, and service deliveries
  • Leverage automated, consumer-driven eligibility tools to identify additional potential services that can benefit the consume

Simplify Case Data Collection with Mobile Assessments

Face-to-face assessments can be time-consuming, especially when completed the old-fashioned way with paper and pencil and then entered electronically back at the office. While some organizations employ third-party systems to track their remote assessments, many of these options lack integration to the centralized data system, leaving multiple silos of information to sift through.  In contrast, Harmony’s Mobile Assessments will allow you to:

  • Complete assessments using a laptop, smart phone or tablet with or without a network or cellular connection
  • Eliminate duplicative data entry, reduce errors and allow assessors to work with more consumers by synchronizing data automatically
  • Access key information like eligibility status, projected co-pay values and critical scoring in real time
  • Instantly assess changes in health or overall status by reviewing responses from previous sessions

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