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Written by: Mediware on Monday, January 28, 2013 Posted in:

In Virginia this Monday morning, we were greeted with rain and ice and news that schools would be opened later or closed as a result.  In addition to that news was information that Meals on Wheels would not be delivering regularly scheduled routes.  What happens when meals that seniors and others rely on aren’t delivered?

According to The New York Times Old Age Blog, “Study: More to Meal Delivery than Food” posted on January 15, 2013, there’s a lot more to Meals on Wheels delivery than just the meals.  Meals on Wheels deliveries provide companionship for those who may not see anyone else all day long.  The program also serves as a daily check-in to confirm that the people on each delivery route are doing ok and aren’t in need of additional assistance.

Harmony’s staff in Vermont is keenly aware of the benefits of Meals on Wheels – they’ve been delivering meals to seniors in Vermont for many years.  Not only does this service provide meals and companionship to people near Essex Junction, the volunteers from Harmony enjoy the time they spend with people on the route and look forward to doing it every Friday.

Today served as a good reminder that while the icy conditions may be an inconvenience to a commute, those same conditions may prevent someone from getting a warm meal or see a smiling face.  Checking in on friends, neighbors and relatives who may rely on services such as Meals on Wheels during inclement weather could mean more than any of us even realize.

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