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Written by: Mediware on Thursday, December 22, 2011 Posted in:

Congress approved a 2012 budget that leaves many in the aging services community disappointed and concerned about their ability to care for an increasingly aging population with limited funding.  A recent Forbes article, “The Slow Starvation of Senior Services” provides a sobering view of the impact aging services will see as a result of this new budget and highlights the areas in aging services that will take the biggest brunt of the budget cuts (Center for Elder Abuse, the ombudsman program, Meals on Wheels and Eldercare Locator, just to name a few).

The reality we face in this country is that the population is aging at an unprecedented rate.  Services to help this aging population are in greater demand than ever and resources are dwindling.  For aging services organizations, the only way to meet this skyrocketing demand is to secure more funding from different funding sources (a difficult task as funding becomes more and more scarce) and/or to do more with less.

Leveraging technology to automate manual, time-consuming tasks is more important than ever for aging services organizations to increase efficiencies and to provide high quality care to this fast growing demographic.  Leveraging technology solutions that minimize the manual, time-consuming efforts of managing caseloads, service delivery and payment processing will enable organizations to do more with existing resources and meet the demand for high quality long term supports and services.

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