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Written by: Mediware on Tuesday, June 25, 2013 Posted in:

The summer’s here and the time is right for Ferris wheels, funnel cakes and fun at county and state fairs. This year the Minnesota State Fair will feature something a bit less traditional — an exhibit focused on successful aging in place.

That’s right, nearly two million fairgoers will experience the WISER LIVING: Smart Solutions for Aging at Home exhibit that will showcase home- and community-based products and services that enable seniors to remain independent longer. Developed by the Aging Services of Minnesota and the Minnesota State Fair, the exhibit helps visitors and caregivers facing the challenges of aging or chronic health issues envision how they can transform their current homes into more user-friendly spaces. The “idea house” exhibit is divided into rooms, each showcasing innovative products and solutions that help seniors age in place. Featured products and services range from simple household items, meal services, wireless technology, and more.

With life expectancies longer than ever and the baby boomer population moving into retirement, news of an aging-focused exhibit at a state fair isn’t surprising. An emphasis on home- and community-based solutions that emphasize aging in place, rather than in costly institutional care settings, reflects a national trend.

To learn more about the WISER LIVING: Smart Solutions for Aging at Home exhibit and the Minnesota State Fair here:

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