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Written by: Mediware on Tuesday, September 6, 2011 Posted in:

Salt Lake County’s Caregiver Support Program is facing significant change due to the county’s growing aging population, technology and economic challenges.  The county’s Caregiver Support Program has launched an online survey to help the county better connect with and serve it’s growing  caregiver population.  The county has invited all caregivers (defined as “the person providing care for a family member or other individual”) to participate in the survey.

The survey will enable the state to better understand the support structure caregivers are currently using, the type of care provided, additional services caregivers want and/or need, areas caregivers may need more training, and work-related benefits for caregivers.

The county will use the information gathered in the survey to help design programs to better meet the needs of primary caregivers of aging adults and grandparents raising grandchildren.

The survey is found online at: A Spanish version of the survey is available at the same web address.

For more information about the survey, visit For more information about Salt Lake County Aging Services visit

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