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Written by: Mediware on Thursday, January 7, 2010 Posted in:

In another effort to help seniors remain in their homes and communities, lawmakers in Indiana are considering a bill that would allow Area Agencies on Aging to make the call about whether consumers are eligible for Medicaid waivers-funded services before the formal paper work process is complete. By making a more immediate determination about waiver eligibility, the state can avoid putting certain consumers in nursing homes (where no waiver is required) and immediately direct them to home and community-based services.

The state believes that it can operate with about a 1% error rate, based upon on the experience of other states with similar programs. Such a low error rate would easily be recaptured through the overall cost savings associated with the increased used of home and community-based care instead of far more costly intuitional-based care.

According to the Fort Wayne News Sentinel, only 5% of Indiana’s 2007 long-term care
expenses related to long term care went toward home and community-based services – well below the national average of 27 percent. Read the article here.

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