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Written by: Mediware on Tuesday, April 6, 2010 Posted in:

There’s been a lot of analysis about how the new health care laws will impact seniors and long-term care.  All of the analysis breeds a lot of confusion about what will help and what will hurt seniors.  There’s one thing that is clear – the new health care reform law includes many more options for long-term care than exist today and will improve many seniors’ ability to age in place.

A story recently published by The Associated Press, Benefits for Seniors in New Health Care Law, provides a good summary of programs within the new law that increase options for long team care including:

  • Community Living Assistance Services and Supports Act (CLASS) – a voluntary insurance plan that allows adults with mobility problems to receive care at home and allows funds to pay for adult day care, transportation, and safety features like hand rails and grab bars.
  • Programs that improve access to Medicaid’s home- and community-based services such as Community First Choice, a state-based plan which provides home-based attendant services to people with disabilities.
  • Increased funding for Aging and Disability Resource Centers which provide on the full range of long-term support options for seniors.
  • Protection for spouses from being forced to spend all the couple’s assets to get access to home- and community-based care.

Read the complete AP story here, to learn more about how new health care programs will impact long-term, home-based health care for America’s older adults.

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