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Written by: Mediware on Wednesday, August 18, 2010 Posted in:

According to a national study which tried to measure the relationship between long-term care policies and costs, fewer states offer more Medicaid-funded, home and community based services than Kansas.

The Kansas Health Institute (KHI) News Service recently reported that the Kansas Medicaid program, on average, pays for about 10,800 nursing home stays each month. It also funds in-home services for 5,700 frail seniors. Another 2,900 seniors receive services through the state-funded Senior Care Act. Medicaid also pays for home and community based services for 7,500 people with physical disabilities and nearly 78-hundred people with developmental disabilities.

“Kansas is unique because most nursing homes have come to see home and community based services as part of a long-term care continuum,” said Cindy Luxem is the executive director of the Kansas Health Care Association, which represents most of the state’s nonprofit nursing homes. According to Luxem, the average nursing home resident is 88 years old. “They’re coming in later in life, they’re frailer, and they’re having a really hard time being on their own. The way long-term care is set up in Kansas, is really progressive… But … We shouldn’t put ourselves in a position of rewarding one and penalizing the other.”

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