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Written by: Mediware on Thursday, April 5, 2012 Posted in:

Today we announced the incorporation of interRAI Instruments into Harmony for Aging and Adult Services SAMS Case Management (SAMS).  This integration will enable our customers to seamlessly leverage interRAI instruments (including the interRAI assessments and algorithms) within their existing workflows to determine eligibility, assess care needs, and create customized care plans.

Through this integration, Harmony will provide our users with an option to incorporate the following interRAI components into their existing workflows directly within the SAMS console:

  • interRAI Assessments, including the interRAI Home Care (interRAI HC) and interRAI Community Health Assessment (interRAI CHA),
  • interRAI-compliant Data Extract Capabilities
  • All 27 Clinical Assessment Protocols (CAPs)/Scales
  • Trigger Reports
  • Cross-assessment Outcome Reports

interRAI instruments, developed by a global research network, are based on a common language and set of assessment items that are considered to be important in all care settings. By using common measures, clinicians and providers are able to improve continuity of care and integrate care and supports for each individual.

Learn more about this announcement here.

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