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Written by: Mediware on Thursday, November 7, 2013 Posted in:

Harmony’s Keith Ewell is featured in Healthcare IT this week.  Keith speaks about his experience working at all levels of the healthcare spectrum to turn a conglomeration of siloed systems into an integrated system leading to a better consumer experience.

Integration Not for the Feint of Heart, Even the most experienced CIOs have their hands full when they try to make parts work well together:

Bridging the ‘gap’

The myriad variables that exist with the machinations of integration also encompass the diverse identities of providers across the healthcare spectrum. For instance, Reston, Va.-based Harmony Information Systems operates in the public sector, dealing with community-based service agencies at the federal, state and local levels. By leveraging its technology offerings, Harmony is working to integrate service agencies, managed care organizations, caregivers and consumers to reduce costs and improve outcomes, says Keith Ewell, founder and vice president of marketing.

“We work at all levels of the healthcare ecosystem, primarily with agencies that offer services to the elderly and people with developmental and intellectual disabilities as well as with caregivers and consumers,” Ewell said. “Over the past 15 years, this environment has evolved from a conglomeration of siloed systems into an integrated system that performs a lot of functions across the strata in the ecosystem to serve multiple levels. Providers and caregivers can now interact without redundancies – the culture has followed the technology.”

Getting public agencies synchronized is no small feat, Ewell says, because they have typically operated with “incredibly complex and arcane structures that were hard to navigate.” Once the gaps between them are bridged and they are operating in conjunction with each other, he predicts the result will be “a significantly better consumer experience.”

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