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Written by: Mediware on Thursday, July 14, 2011 Posted in:

The Columbian in Washington reported today in “Medicaid Program Hailed” that the state’s Medicaid Program is saving taxpayers millions of dollars by providing elderly clients the option of in-home care.

Washington State (a Harmony customer) serves approximately 47,000 clients through a $1 billion in-home care program which includes case managers and caretakers.  The state estimates it saves taxpayers $300 million year through in-home care when compared with the cost of caring for clients in an institution.  (The Washington Department of Human Services estimates that it costs $3,790 per month to care for a patient in nursing or assisted living facilities compared with $1,426 for in-home care.)

The Medicaid in-home care program in Washington State is a noteworthy example of ways states can successfully leverage Medicaid to provide in-home care that preserves the independence of the aging AND saves taxpayers money.

Read the full story here, including a personal account of how in-home care has helped one senior thrive following a stay in a nursing facility, all the while saving the state money.

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