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Written by: Mediware on Tuesday, February 15, 2011 Posted in:

Harmony was very fortunate to spend our Valentine’s Day this year with many of our customers who are attending the 2011 AoA, CMS, and VA National Grantee Meeting.  This annual meeting focuses on Aging & Disability Resource (ADRC) programs, the new Options Counseling, Care Transitions, and Money Follows the Person/ADRC coordination grant programs, CLP/VD-HCBS programs, and other long-term social services systems change efforts and opportunities.

A BIG thanks to all of our great customers – Harmony felt the love last night.

A few snapshots from the reception:

John Byer, who is also attending the meeting this week, saying a few words to everyone.

It was great to see so many great customers together last night!

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