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Written by: Mediware on Wednesday, April 25, 2012 Posted in:

Actor Noah Wyle, the former star of “ER,” along with 76 members of the grass-roots organization ADAPT (the Americans with Disabilities for Attendant Programs), were arrested this Monday in Washington, DC while protesting proposed cuts in Medicaid – specifically home- and community-based services.

Wyle described his participation in the ADAPT protest as a way “to bring attention to the Medicaid cuts that have been made by many states and are threatened to be made on a federal level.” He and protesters believe that the proposed one-third cut to federal Medicaid spending would reduce home- and community-based services, increasing the need for institutionalization or nursing-home care.

In an interview with CNN, Wyle explained that “to institutionalize a disabled American costs four times as much than to give assistance for independent living. This issue is about civil rights, not about medicine. People who have the ability to live in integrated, affordable and accessible housing should have the right to do so.”

The protesters expressed great concern that they could be destined to rely on nursing-home care due to the shrinking budget for in-home services. “This effort is to end the longstanding bias of the Medicaid system toward institutions and away from community care,” Wyle explained.

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