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Written by: Mediware on Friday, January 3, 2014 Posted in:

If you are a regular reader of the Harmony blog, you are well aware of the trend toward empowering the aging and disabled to remain in their homes and communities and out of institutional care.  In fact, many of our readers (and customers) work tirelessly to ensure access to home- and community based long-term services and supports all across the country.

Today’s Washington Post highlights the progress that Washington D.C. is making to rebalance long-term care.  According to the Post’s story, “D.C. Program Reflects National Trend Toward Moving Older Americans Out of Nursing Homes,” the reality of spending final days in a nursing home may be a thing of the past for many of D.C.’s aging residents. 

The D.C. Office on Aging (DCOA) provides home services to those who qualify for Medicaid and, for those who don’t, DCOA will help find funding to pay for the services.  According to the Post, DCOA has helped 58 people transition out of the nursing home and back into their homes through the Nursing Home Transitions Program since the program launched in April.    

Living Arrangements of the Elderly

Living Arrangements of the Elderly

With the help of the 2010 Affordable Care Act, many states have been able to make similar strides in rebalancing long-term care and many more are making the changes necessary to improve access to in-home services.

To learn more about the program in DC, you can read the Washington Post’s story here.


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