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Grow Your Revenue and Improve Client Outcomes with AlphaFlex Scheduling

Is your behavioral health facility struggling with an increase in no-shows? When clients don’t attend their appointments, this negatively impacts their outcomes and drains your revenue. With AlphaFlex automated scheduling tools, the system does the time-consuming work for you so that your clients have a high attendance rate and your day is more productive.

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Higher client attendance rates equal more revenue for you

The more that clients are reminded of their appointments, the more likely they are to arrive on time. The result: Your waiting room is filled with clients needing your care, and you can now collect for your services without delay.

  • Automatically send text and email reminders to all scheduled clients and clinicians
  • Instantly alert staff of client issues and cancellations to minimize unproductive time
  • Identify clients that have outstanding copays and balances upon check in
  • Track the number of clients served each day and quickly identify no-shows

Increase client engagement and improve outcomes

Clients who are active participants in their healthcare are more likely to keep their appointments and see better outcomes. Improve communication with your clients by leveraging the AlphaFlex client portal.

  • Encourage your clients to request new appointments or modify existing ones with real-time updates to the clinician
  • Securely send a “thought of the day” encouraging message to clients between appointments
  • Empower your clients with the ability to see their lab results, medical histories, appointments, and educational resources

Eliminate manual scheduling and automate with AlphaFlex

Save hours each week by using automated scheduling tools that keep your staff and clients in sync, so appointments occur on time.

  • Book group, individual, and recurring sessions easily with appointments, alerts, tasks, and client notes all in one screen
  • Schedule appointments at any location and for any provider
  • Categorize appointments on the schedule as group sessions, pharmacy visits, or even residential stays

Leverage scheduling tools also designed for residential programs

Equip your management team with real-time dashboard tracking that lets you easily review staffing levels, appointment schedules, and discharge plan-of-care activity.

  • Manage gaps in coverage by selecting replacement, shift, and assignment site
  • Actively monitor, manage, and review all shift activity, bed inventory, and medications dispensed
  • Easily manage outpatient and residential scheduling in one system

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