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Manage Your Practice in Real Time with AlphaFlex Business Intelligence

With AlphaFlex business intelligence tools, you can eliminate hours of manually pulling reports and tracking performance with spreadsheets. Not only will you save valuable time, but you can also monitor operational, financial, and clinical data in real time, so you can improve business decision making today and into the future.

Cut reporting time in half

Take the guesswork out of knowing where your business stands. Track your data in real time and get the answers you need within seconds.

  • Create custom reports from any data field in the system within seconds
  • Choose from hundreds of report templates that are already available in the system
  • Analyze historical trend data to anticipate where your business is headed in the coming months
  • Drill into your data with vivid dashboards, pivot table analysis, and ad-hoc reports

Gain a 360-degree view of your clinical data in a single dashboard

Improve internal productivity by actively monitoring your data and holding staff accountable for the daily workload.

  • Track daily staff activities, appointments, client notes, alerts, and tasks
  • Quickly locate previous session notes and documents before client appointments
  • Monitor all outgoing and incoming medications and approve or deny new prescriptions or refill requests

Track metrics crucial to your success

AlphaFlex’s reporting tools allow you to see as little or as much detail as you like in a real-time dashboard view, so you never have to sort through countless reports just to find a single data point.

  • Analyze average days to submit claims and claims that were recently denied
  • Identify paid claim recovery rates, total clients served, and average days to resolve complaints
  • Monitor profitability, productivity, outstanding AR, bad debt, and write-offs

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