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Maximize Revenue and Reduce Denials with AlphaFlex Electronic Health Record Billing Software

If you are like many providers, you are flooded with denials that drain your revenue and slow your productivity. Our experience working with payers and providers helped us design an EHR for behavioral health that allows you to streamline billing, so you can collect for your services without delay. With complete revenue cycle management tools, you can grow your revenue and achieve a high average collection rate.

Reduce denials by sending clean claims the first time

Eliminate billing headaches by automating billing requirements so that you can collect every dollar you are owed.

  • Ensure claims comply with payer requirements before submitting with real-time validation
  • Satisfy billing requirements for MCOs, state payers, Medicaid, and private insurance
  • Track denials in real time, the reasons for the denials, and electronically rebill for payment
  • Monitor claim trends and troubleshoot payer issues with the assistance of AlphaFlex billing staff
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Increase your collections with detailed revenue cycle management tools

Take the guesswork out of billing by knowing where your A/R stands at all times so that you can spend less time analyzing numbers and more time providing exceptional care.

  • View all billing data in real time, both sent and received
  • Research claims tagged for validation prior to submission
  • Review authorization requests and statuses in real time
  • Easily manage service and insurance templates in tracking client’s limits
  • Simplify Medicaid claim submission for electronic billing

Track crucial A/R metrics in real time

Instantly see your revenue metrics with vivid dashboards and drill-down reports that eliminate the need for hard-to-read spreadsheets.

  • Analyze average days to bill services, paid claims rate, and total number of consumers served
  • Identify your outstanding A/R, number of rebills, cash-to-net revenue, and bad debt
  • Create custom ad-hoc reports that satisfy stakeholder requests in seconds

Eliminate expensive start-up costs with AlphaFlex

Why pay large up-front costs for software? With AlphaFlex, you only pay a small percentage based on the revenue collected through the system. We only get paid when you get paid.

  • No up-front costs, subscription fees, or implementation fees
  • Free unlimited user licenses and sites
  • Free implementation training and data conversion

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