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Streamline your Behavioral Health Operations with AlphaFlex Electronic Health Record Software

Whether you provide outpatient services or manage a residential program, Mediware’s AlphaFlex EHR is a complete solution for all your behavioral health practice needs. It covers mental health, substance use, and intellectual/developmental disabilities. Our end-to-end solution streamlines all of your business operations, from initial clinical management through managing your practice with real-time business intelligence tools. With our extensive experience working on both the payer and provider side, we understand what it takes to bill correctly for your services the first time.

Maximize revenue and reduce denials with AlphaFlex electronic health record billing software

If you are like many providers, you are flooded with denials that drain your revenue and slow your productivity. Our experience working with payers and providers helped us design an EHR for behavioral health that allows you to streamline billing, so you can collect for your services without delay. With complete revenue cycle management tools, you can grow your revenue and achieve a high average collection rate.

Prevent documentation headaches with AlphaFlex paperless EHR

Why waste hours locating client records and searching for required documentation when you can locate these items instantly? AlphaFlex EHR document management tools give you instant drill-down details that satisfy any documentation requests you have. The result: Your staff has more time to provide quality care that leads to the most favorable client outcomes.

Grow your revenue and improve client outcomes with AlphaFlex scheduling

Is your behavioral health facility struggling with an increase in no-shows? When clients don’t attend their appointments, this negatively impacts their outcomes and drains your revenue. With AlphaFlex’s automated scheduling tools, the system does the time-consuming work for you so that your clients have a high attendance rate and your day is more productive.

Manage your practice in real time with AlphaFlex business intelligence

With AlphaFlex business intelligence tools, you can eliminate hours of manually pulling reports and tracking performance with spreadsheets. Not only will you save valuable time, you can also monitor operational, financial, and clinical data in real time, so you can improve business decision making today and into the future.

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