Gain Increased Control Over Your Adult Protective Services Operations

With the Most Widely Deployed Solution for Adult Protective Services Programs

Effective management of adult protective services (APS) programs requires the ability to track investigations using accurate and immediate statistics on each incident of adult abuse, neglect, or exploitation. With the increased visibility that Harmony for APS™ provides, you can reduce your risk, optimize your investigative performance and help ensure compliance with federal data requirements.

Improve investigations with software built specifically for APS

The workflows needed to effectively manage adult protective services are truly unique to APS. With Harmony for APS, you can arm your teams with tools and processes that were designed specifically to meet your needs.

  • Track critical incidences, from intake to closure
  • Help ensure your response timeline and intensity matches the severity of each complaint
  • Minimize your risks by standardizing investigative workflows and practices to ensure procedures are consistently followed
  • Conduct mobile investigations
  • Customize your workflows to meet your agency’s specific needs
  • Enable online reports of abuse

Make NAMRS compliance part of your organization’s DNA

With Harmony for APS, you can achieve compliance with NAMRS (National Adult Maltreatment Reporting System) reporting requirements..

  • Require and standardize the collection of key elements
  • Automatically generate reports that can be used for submission
  • Protect consumers by tracking key milestones from intake to closure