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Equip Your Area Agency on Aging (AAA) With The Most Reliable Management Solution

You need a dependable software solution that is built for AAAs. Deployed throughout the country for more than 20 years, our suite of solutions enable the efficient administration and delivery of LTSS client-centric care in both traditional and community-based service models.


Make compliance with the Older Americans Act second nature for your AAA

With Mediware’s SAMS software solution, you can seamlessly incorporate compliance to the Older Americans Act into your organization’s day to day work.

  • Simplify cross-agency data sharing and data aggregation for NAPIS reporting
  • Manage consumers in a centralized, secure database to eliminate consumer record duplication and reduce denials
  • Minimize data re-entry by mobilizing your team to complete assessments from any location on desktops, laptop, or mobile devices—with or without Internet access

Improve consumer care through seamless collaboration between agencies and providers

Compliance, administrative tasks, reporting and a host of other duties can be overwhelming. However, The SAMS software solution will help you keep the focus of your staff and providers on your consumers and their needs.

  • Improve care quality through instant real-time collaboration with providers, caregivers, and consumers
  • Bring people and services together with a single point-of-entry system, including call screening, intake, and referrals
  • Empower consumers and family members to access information through an easy-to-navigate website

Facilitate Smooth Care Transitions

With Harmony for Care Transitions™, you can help your consumers achieve a higher quality of life, collect required reporting data, reduce hospital readmission rates, and efficiently seek payment from CMS or third party payers.

  • Collaborate with hospitals to identify eligible patients
  • Track individual progress as well as population trend with included outcome measures, surveys, and assessments
  • Streamline the CMS invoice process
  • Create customizable invoices for third party payers
  • Quickly record milestone events such as in-home visits, calls, and transitional services
  • Easily capture critical data for each Care Transitions episode, including the organizations involved (hospitals and CBOs), hospital discharge date, and core demographic data

Access real-time business intelligence

With Mediware’s AAA software solution, you can continuously measure performance and gain a deeper understanding of how well services are delivered. Armed with this information, you can make informed adjustments to improve both organizational performance and consumer outcomes.

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