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WHITE PAPER: Thriving in a Challenging HME/DME Market

mergersandacquisitionsTimes have changed—and not necessarily for the better for small- to mid-sized HME/DME companies. External forces, such as Medicare cuts, audits, and competitive bidding, have resulted in tight financial times. Whether your business is on solid footing or experiencing rough waters, the current state of the market means that now is a great time to make some changes.

So the question remains for many providers, what changes should my HME/DME business make so that I can stay in business and thrive in the current marketplace? This tactical guide will outline how your business can pursue mergers, acquisitions, and/or private equity funding so that you’re no longer trying to survive but setting goals to help you thrive this year and beyond.

This reference guide will help you:

  • Define your current business goals and future outlook
  • Evaluate options that can take your HME/DME in a new direction
  • Analyze merger and acquisition strategies and how to get started
  • Understand the alternative private equity funding model

Are you ready for your business to thrive? Download this free white paper to see what options you have and how to get started!