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WHITE PAPER: The Hepatitis C Battle-Who’s Winning, Who’s Losing, and What Can Be Done To End It

Juggling the high cost of new Hepatitis C medications with the best interest of the patient and stricter government policy is getting tougher in the specialty pharmacy industry. The ultimate question is who will be the winner in this high-priced battle between payers, manufacturers, and patients?

HepCthumbnailflWith a projected $9.1 billion economic impact of chronic HCV by 2024, something has to be decided quickly on how to manage these costs while improving patients’ overall care. In this informative guide, you will see first-hand statistics of where the HEP C market stands now, and what the future looks like for this ever-changing industry.

This reference guide will help you:

  • See the changes taking place in the specialty pharmacy HEP C market
  • Analyze the high cost pricing for these drugs
  • Understand current payer strategies
  • Learn of future initiatives aimed to lower cost and increase coverage

How will the rising Hepatitis C costs impact your pharmacy? Download this free white paper to understand the changing Hep C industry today!

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