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WHITE PAPER: The Advance Beneficiary Notice for HME/DME

A quick-reference guide to using ABNs to protect your HME/DME business

Everyday suppliers encounter situations in which patients need a specific piece of equipment or type of medical service but do not qualify for reimbursement under Medicare. Instead of dismissing the medical need, suppliers could assume the cost on behalf of the patients, or utilize the powerful Advance Beneficiary Notice of Noncoverage (ABN) tool, which shifts the financial burden to patients.


The ABN can be useful if utilized in the right circumstances; however, it can also provide a false sense of security when not properly executed. Therefore, suppliers need to fully understand the fundamentals of this form and how to invoke its protections.

This quick reference guide will help you:

  • Evaluate what constitutes for valid ABN usage
  • Identify the two main types of ABNs
  • Understand tips for proper form completion
  • Analyze the ABN as a revenue safeguard

Having non-compliant documentation places your business at additional risk. Download the free white paper guide to understand how to correctly use the ABN tool and have compliant documentation practices in your business.