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WHITE PAPER: Medication Adherence in Specialty Pharmacy

adherenceimageAs specialty medications continue to rise in price, there is increased pressure for specialty pharmacies to prove that patients are improving on their prescribed therapy. Surprisingly approximately 50% of patients fail to adhere to their drug therapies. Because medication adherence is critical to patient health and to protecting relationships with payers and manufacturers, pharmacists must play a significant role in this process.

This tactical guide will outline how using the latest data as well as tools and techniques can improve patient compliance as well as satisfy reporting requirements.

This whitepaper will help you:

  • Understand the top factors related to medication non-adherence
  • Analyze the serious changes needed to improve patient adherence 
  • Identify ways to measure adherence 
  • Explain how to correct unintentional non-adherence
  • Describe strategies to help intentional non-adherent patients
  • Uncover the latest high-tech tools that are designed to improve adherence 

Is your pharmacy ready to improve patient adherence? Learn how to get started in this free white paper! 

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