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WHITE PAPER: HME Documentation Task List

The adage, “If it wasn’t documented it wasn’t done,” is probably familiar to anyone who has ever worked in the healthcare industry. Today, even among suppliers of medical equipment, it continues to hold true. Documentation is critical. This whitepaper outlines the essential steps in knowing how to have complete documentation throughout your business to ensure compliance, audit protection, and accreditation.

This easy to follow guide will help you:

  • Learn what documentation is required throughout your business operations
  • Understand how having complete documentation reduces a company’s overall risk
  • Evaluate the importance of electronic documentation processes
  • Understand what accreditation organizations look for while on site

Understanding these essential steps will help ensure that your documentation is complete! Start a conversation with your Mediware HME/DME specialist to find out how you can streamline your documentation processes with software that was designed for this ever-changing industry!

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