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WEBINAR: Trends in Payor Contracting Strategies for Specialty Pharmacies

         Jesse Dresser


As the specialty pharmacy industry has exploded, payors and pharmacy benefits managers (PBMs) have adopted a variety of different tactics and strategies for contracting with specialty pharmacies.  From “closed” networks to tiered admission criteria, specialty pharmacies face a veritable labyrinth when seeking to contract with payors and PBMs.  This webinar will cover different network designs used by payors, trends in credentialing procedures, and medical-benefit versus pharmacy benefit reimbursement.

Join Jesse Dresser, Esq., attorney and partner of healthcare law firm Frier Levitt, as he demonstrates how today’s specialty pharmacies can gain entry into even the most restrictive specialty pharmacy networks!

This presentation will help you:

  • Explain the different strategies used by PBMs in contracting with specialty pharmacies and general trends of the industry.
  • Understand the difference between the medical benefit vs. pharmacy benefit reimbursement and how it impacts specialty pharmacy network access
  • Outline what PBMs and payers are looking for in today’s specialty pharmacies
  • Understand why closed or restricted specialty pharmacy networks exist and how to enter
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